We are a small team of psychedelic enthusiasts. We’ve benefited from the healing properties of psilocybin mushrooms and feel like we would be doing a disservice by not sharing. 

The first time we tried it, we didn’t have a scale and thought, “hey don’t worry, you can’t OD on shrooms” … or so we thought. We ended up having to fight through the worst trip of our lives. We walked out of it mentally drained, but also enlighted. Later down the road, we gave it another shot, but couldn’t get over the traumatizing taste of the mushrooms. Why does it taste so bad? And then, it finally dawned on us that we could…. wait for it… make our own edibles. 

We spent many long nights perfecting our recipe and are excited to share with you our delicious, reliably-dosed edibles made with premium ingredients.

We’ve made it our mission to provide Canadians with safe access to premium psilocybin products for both recreational and medicinal use.

Whether you want to trip out of minds or level up in your existence, we got you. 

Together, we can chip away at the stigma attached to psychedelics. Let’s take a trip into the shroom boom together. 


Our mission is to create psilocybin edibles with nothing but the finest ingredients. Not only are our chocolates and gummies made with the highest-quality ingredients, we also only use mushrooms that have been harvested with the utmost care. If we wouldn’t consume it, why should you? We only want the best for the Shroomies Gang.